Our Vision and Mission

Live your Esports passion!

Our vision includes our players and ourselves - Legendary Play' vision is to add a new facet to your passion for Esports. Putting you at the center of what we all love, we want our games to be an integral part of what it means to be an Esports fan, and working at Legendary Play a possibility to bring your love for Esports to work every day.

Offer fun and authentic mobile games for all Esports fans

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your age or gender, whatever you play, regardless of how many years... Legendary Play' mission is to offer a game for you, that satisfies your craving for Esports. As a self-publishing developer, we run our games ourselves, aiming to offer the most polished mobile experiences to complement your primary passions - Esports and playing games.

Our Story

Settled in vibrant Berlin, Legendary Play is creating innovative products based on well-known mobile game genres with an Esports twist. A young, international Team, Legendary Play has launched the successful Esports manager games RIVALS, and we're already working on other upcoming games for mobile, keeping us at the forefront of the intersection between Esports and mobile games.

Our Values

We care about our Community!

We, as a team, care about our community and are always listening to our players so that we can provide the best possible service. We pursue our vision, to allow all Esports fans to live their passion, by providing immersive and rewarding experiences and work with the Esports industry to create polished and innovative games we can be proud of.

Legendary Play - a place of opportunity

We believe that Legendary Play's success and growth will be a consequence of great products. Building them is rewarding because challenges bring out the best in us. Rising to this level of complexity allows us to hone our craft and grow as professionals. Sustainable success is what will allow us to explore, experiment and treat ourselves generously for years to come.

Truth, Fairness and Openness

We seek out and appreciate each other's ideas, no matter where they come from. We believe honesty and fair and balanced criticism to be a mark of respect for each other's capabilities, all helping us learn from each other.

Humbleness and openness to questioning our own assumptions and biases allow us to appreciate each perspective and constantly learn from our successes and our shared failures alike.

There’s a leader in everyone

In Legendary Play, we reward leadership shown by example and by taking ownership for the success of the team. We value creativity, initiative and motivation and help them flourish with efficient, sleek processes that make our lives easier.

Practicing transparency about our business helps us understand our common goals and gives us motivation and alignment to pursue them.

We shape our work(place)

We strive for a fun and enjoyable workplace that leaves room for its employees to grow. Putting team and product before ego and toxicity, we take humor seriously, but never ourselves. We cherish the role of work within our lives, appreciating balance and boundaries to put things in perspective.

The Team

Legendary Play was founded in 2017 by Roman Frank, Philipp Karstaedt and Arvid Hahn, all veterans of the Berlin games and Esports scene. The company is currently expanding and counts among its investors and advisors some of the most reputable names in the sector such as: