RIVALS Coach Associations

Team up with fellow players to earn fame and glory in RIVALS Coach Associations! Join forces with other coaches and compete against other associations by accumulating Global Ranking points through winning League and Tournament matches! Whether you are League Level 2 or 6, Fame Level 15 or 60 - Scores are calculated to even the playing field for everyone to assure a competition among equals! Are you worthy of donning the Onion Crown of Prestige, and will your association be written into the annals of RIVALS history? Check out the rules below!

Not sure how to find an association or gather members for a new association? The best place to find like-minded coaches is on our official Discord server!

The Onion Crown of Prestige

The Onion Crown of Prestige is the ultimate symbol of excellence. It's many layers represent the many coaches in the top association, and the pungent fragrance represents the stench of defeat given off by those who could not obtain it. The Onion Crown of Prestige can only be worn by the top association, and will magically transplant itself, should the association presiding over it fail to keep their top spot on the leaderboard at the end of the next season. Who will win it first, and will they be able to hold on to it for more than one season? Time will tell!

Season Rewards - Goodies you don't want to miss out on

Only one team may don the crown, but that doesn't mean that your other achievements will go unnoticed! A single collectible onion cap will be awarded to each member of an association that places in the top 3 or above to commemorate their achievement. Can you collect a set for your entire team? Will you show your grandchildren that your Association reigned supreme in the early days of RIVALS? Your participation in the brand new RCA will be eternally remembered and cherished through this lasting testimony of your achievement.

From now on, the RCA will offer both Association Rewards and Individual Rewards:

TOP 1 Team Rewards: Onion Crown of Prestige, Onion Caps, 150 Rivals Tokens, 5 Tournament Tickets, 1 Legendary Showcase Mystery Box
TOP 2 Team Rewards: Onion Caps, 85 Rivals Tokens, 4 Tournament Tickets, 1 Star Showcase Mystery Box
TOP 3 Team Rewards: Onion Caps, 50 Rivals Tokens, 3 Tournament Tickets

TOP 1 Individual Rewards: 3 Random Star Gear Mystery Box, 12 Full Condition Boosters, 5 Legendary Random Training Sessions, 300 Rivals Tokens
TOP 3 Individual Rewards: 2 Random Star Gear Mystery Box, 9 Full Condition Boosters, 4 Legendary Random Training Sessions, 200 Rivals Tokens
TOP 5 Individual Rewards: 1 Random Star Gear Mystery Box, 6 Full Condition Boosters, 3 Legendary Random Training Sessions, 150 Rivals Tokens
TOP 10 Individual Rewards: 3 Full Condition Boosters, 2 Legendary Random Training Sessions, 100 Rivals Tokens

Participation Rewards - 5 Tournament Tickets, 2 Full Condition Boosters, 25 Rivals Tokens

Top 3 Top 2 Top 1

How to use: Click on an Association Name, which will highlight it. Then on the "Downward Arrow" in the upper right to show members of that Association. "Upward Arrow" to go back. Click on the association again to deselect it.

What is an association?

  • An association is a group of maximum 20 member coaches who join forces to compete against other associations for fame and glory.
  • Every RCA Championship lasts 2 weeks and runs in parallel with the RIVALS Leagues and the Ultimate RIVALS Seasons. So when the new Leagues start and the Global Ranking is reset, RCA Championships also end and begin anew.
  • An association has a name and a tag to identify it in the leaderboards and within RIVALS.
  • Each member of an association is identifiable in-game by their association tag, placed in brackets at the end of their team name.
  • You can fill out the application to join or change Associations at ANY time (it's on the bottom of this page!), but the change will only be effective for the next RCA Championship and only if the request to fojoin or change is submitted with all necessary data before the submission deadline for the next championship - Sunday before the new Leagues/Ultimate RIVALS Season starts, at 17:00 CET. Otherwise your request will be effective for the RCA Championship after next.

How to Win?!

  • Compete in tournament and league matches to earn (or lose) Global Ranking Points.
  • The change in your Global Ranking Points (positive or negative) from the start of the RCA championship to the end of the RCA championship will be divided by your league level. This will determine your personal contribution.
  • Your personal contribution will be averaged (mean average) with all members of your association. The resulting number will determine your association's score.
  • Winners are determined by the highest score at the end of each two week RCA championship

Rules for joining an association:

  1. You agree to have your Discord name displayed on the RCA website within the RCA standings.
  2. You must add your association tag to your RIVALS in-game Coach Name before submitting the form to join an association!
  3. The minimum fame level to join an association is fame level 15.
  4. You can fill out the form to join an association at any time. All association rosters for the upcoming season will be finalized on the last day of signups, on Sunday before the new Leagues/Ultimate RIVALS Season starts, at 17:00 CET. If you miss the deadline for a championship, your submission will be valid for the following championship.

Activity Requirements

  • For an RCA Championship, all members need to be properly registered at the end of the Signup period on Sunday before the new Leagues/Ultimate RIVALS Season starts, at 17:00 CET to be allowed to compete in RCA Championships.
  • An association must remain active in order to persist between championships.
  • Every member of the association must contribute in terms of points in order for them to stay active in the said association.
    • If the minimum activity requirements are not met for every member, the members in question will be removed from the association.

Association Updates and Reward Payout

  • Association rankings and membership directory will be updated every 24 hours.
  • Rewards are paid out within 24hrs of the end of the RCA Championship / start of the next Championship.

You can join an association using the form below!