RIVALS 4.3 Patch Notes

RIVALS 4.3 - we're listening to you!

RIVALS 4.3 - we're listening to you!

For this version we have fixed and improved a lot of smaller things to improve your overall game experience. We would like to thank you for your continuous feedback which is really important to us.

Looking good!

Our UI team is always polishing the screens so the game feels smooth and consistent!

They have been through progress bars, buttons, cards and many more...

Quality of Life

  • The Ban-Filter has been made more convenient
  • During Training, All players will now be all selected by default
  • Inbox messages will now have expiration dates

New & Exciting!

  • Many of you have been waiting for this. We added an ingame replay feature! Check it out and let us know what you think. !


  • We have also implemented a redeem code system available in the shop tab.



Match UI:

  • Match end and match reports screen small fixes
  • UI: Icons colors are wrong in Match-Ends summary
  • Progress bars would sometimes be stuck
  • Phase Detail Screens would sometimes show incorrect data


  • Added the missing Champion Sprites in infoboxes
  • League matches for returning teams did not display correctly
  • Tactic Training sorts the phases incorrectly after applying the training bonus
  • Interstitials would show wrong players when a fight and monsters would happen at the same time
  • The gold graph in AFK Match Reports would be incorrect
  • New teams created after the start of a league were showing an incorrect number of games in league menu

From all of us at RIVALS we hope these updates will make you enjoy the game even more. We are looking forward to your feedback about this new release!

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