RIVALS 4.1 Patch Notes

Legendary Play teams up with the ESL to bring Esports MOBA Manager RIVALS to the big stage!

RIVALS 4.1 - the mark of a new era.

Since it's first launch all the way back on March 22nd 2019, the RIVALS team's number one goal was to create authentic esports moments for you to enjoy wherever you may roam. Today marks one of the most legitimizing milestones to date.

Legendary Play and ESL have joined forces to bring you a new era of RIVALS!

  • Raise through the ranks in real ESL leagues! ESL%20League%20System%20in%20RIVALS%20v2
  • Amazing new trophies for you to win and display in your showcase!
  • New shop tabs that now allow us to provide all the packages that you have been asking for!
  • Revamped the pre match sequecne UI to give it the same exciting design you would expect in real esports match.
  • The Player details now show you at a glance how the comfort picks of a player fit to the current matchup. Tired tapping fingers, rejoice!
  • Spicy UI improvements for optimal flow, ease of use, and eye candy (We're not going to spoil it here, go check it out in the game).


  • Fixed a critical error that some coaches were experiencing on login (error 500).
  • Fixed a bug that amplified slow response times drastically in case of a shaky or slow connection.
  • In case of tiebrakers, player seedings now correctly reflect the league standings.
  • Skill Radar now scales both team's radars correctly.

We look forward to hearing your response and are excited to bring this new version to the world. Last but not least, have fun – that’s why RIVALS was created to begin with.

We have many more exciting features planned, so stay tuned to our Discord server to get the inside scoop!

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