RIVALS 3.3 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 3.3!

RIVALS 3.3.0 Patch Notes

This patch is all about quality of life. In addition to additive improvements, we balanced the meta a bit and squashed some really nasty bugs! Read on for all the details.

Life is about balance:

The following plays have been balanced:

  • Ward
  • Gank
  • Engage
  • Invade

New things to see:

  • We added a DETAIL Button into the Fusion Screen so you can more easily see your gear specs!

  • You can now participate in multiple LOTs!

  • ITM and XP were mirrored for the opposing team in the player panel during a match.


  • Minor UI fixes for the Portuguese language– Sometimes the League Winners Cup "time to start" timer would count the time backwards, and some users wouldn't be able to join their LWC matches.
  • "Focus Towers" in the early game would use Controlled Laning instead of "Aggressive Push/Laning" as the filler play.
  • Level 60 Players will no longer receive daily or weekly tasks that ask for training players, as their players may be already fully trained by then and they would not be able to complete those tasks.
  • Monsters will display which team killed them (and which team got the buff) by displaying their border color.
  • The reward list on the event details screen now scrolls reliably.
  • You will no longer get messages about the same (currently active) RLO event with every new fame level you reach.
  • Fixed a match error that would cause freezing.
  • Improve performance for the league system calculations, which should decrease the chance for the game to get stuck at loading.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused proficiencies of players to change when switching between setup, match, and viewing the setup multiple times.
  • Ads work on iOS again.

We have many more exciting features planned, so stay tuned to our Discord server to get the inside scoop!

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