Esports Heroes 0.4.0 Patch Notes

Esports Heroes 0.4.0 - Team up with your Friends!

Esports Heroes 0.4.0 - Sound, Music, Team feature and more!

In ESH 0.4.0, you can now team up with your friends and enjoy the game with sound fx and music in addition to some bug fixes and balancing. We would like to thank you for your continuous feedback that allows us to improve and make the best game possible.


New Features

Team Feature

The multiplayer team feature is finally available in the game! Once you get past the first league, the feature will unlock and allow you to join or create a new team!

Team Chat

Being able to communicate with your team mates to coordinate or just simply hang out is very important so we have also added a new chat window with only your team mates in there, and of course in there you can speak what ever language you desire!

Team Customization

As a team you want to be able to be unique and show off your team, which is why you will be able to customize not only your team name, but also the tag and logo of that team. We can't wait to see what team names you guys come up with!

Sound Effects and Music

We heard it loud and clear (pun intended), a lot of you require sound and music to play the game, which is why we have now added them to the game to allow you immerse yourself even more in the world of Esports!


Do you want to be reminded to log in to help push your team to the next levels? You will now be reminded via some notifications on your phone if you wish to.

Social Login

You can now link your account to one of the social logins. This will allow you to login to your account from different devices without having to remember your OG Heroes code and play the same free character from anywhere.

Game Settings

If you need to easily give us some feedback without having to go to discord or want to report an issue to us, you can now do so via the Game Settings button.

It allows you to link your account to a social login after having logged in to the game.

System Updates

First League Update

To better match the wanted immersion into the world of esports, the first league has now been shortened and renamed to Academy Trials.

The league background and description have also been updated to fit the same immersion.

League Map

Following some feedback, we have made the League and Division Map accessible during a League Match. This allows you to check it at any time rather than having to stop the Auto Battle to access it (or having to be very quick and get it in before the next match starts)

Opponent Team Logos

Some new opponent team logos were added to add more variety between them.

New VFX and Existing VFX Updated

We have added some new VFX to some abilities aswell as updated some already existing ones following some We received some feedback on the existing VFX, so some of those should now also be adapted

Bug Fixes

  • End-of-division rewards now correctly align with the end of a division rather than a stage in the middle of a division
  • The damage calculation issue have been fixed for multiple stats. This means that OA, DA, and CP should now be calculated properly
  • Fixed a bug with Crit Damage that increased the crit multiplier by more than intended. The crit multiplicator should now match the multiplicator of the CP tooltip.
  • Duplicate Skills issue in the Slot Upgrade has now been fixed

Balance Updates

  • Skill Slot scaling has been reduced from 10% to 3% per level
    • Skill Slot Scaling has some scaling issues with the team feature and has a breaking impact on the game balance in the later stages of the game. As a result, we reduce the overall impact of that feature and will reiterate it in a future update.
  • Opponents strength was increased to take into account the team feature being added and the the previously mentioned skill slot scaling.
  • Opponents scalling will now start ramping up amore severly around the level 40
  • Reduced overall FP by around 33%
    • To add room for more defensive playstyles (Leaders, Anchors and Masterminds Rise!) to be viable and to reduce the average match length, we have reduced the FP across the board. This also means that the Enrage should be encountered less often and should be less often the reason of a match loss
  • There are no class specific balancing as the team feature, the Skill Slot scaling and the damage calculations mentioned above will already have a lot of direct effect to the game.
    • We will monitor the game over the next couple of days and weeks and push a hotfix if we see fit.

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