Esports Heroes 0.3.0 Patch Notes

Esports Heroes 0.3.0 - Anyone can play the game!

Esports Heroes 0.3.0 - Esports Heroes is Free to access for everyone, In-game chat, Auto Battle Button can now be used and more!

In this version, there are quite a few minor balances and bug fixes aswell as a couple of new features including Free access to anyone who downloads the game. We would like to thank you for your continuous feedback which is really important to us.

New Features

Play the game for FREE

You can now play Esports Heroes for FREE without any time constraints!!! No more 1 hour timer, or needing a code, you can straight away play the game after downloading the game!


To make place for this extra free character, we have updated the login flow. OG Heroes can now login in the same way as before by using the OG Heroes Access button and entering their private code from the OGH Portal.

Note: The FREE character is linked to your device, so the free character will not be available accross multiple devices. Also if you delete the app from your phone and reinstall it, you will get a new character and lose access to your old one forever. Customer Support will not be able to get the character back for you

In-game Chat!

You can now communicate with all the other players by using the in-game chat.


The chat feature is unlocked from stage ESL Pro League 2-2!


Chat is available on both the match and the idle screen.


Note: Emojis are currently not available in the live version but will be in a future version

Auto Battle


At stage ESL Pro League 2-6, you will unlock the possibility to Auto Battle which will make the game continuously play the stages until you lose.


Whilst a match is being played, the small "Auto-Battle is on" appears at the top of the screen to notify you that it is being played out.


This feature is only available to our OG Heroes, Free users will need to obtain an OG Heroes Athlete to gain access to it. These are still available here

Note: You need to be online for the Auto Battle to play, if you are offline it will automatically stop the auto battle

Stats & Attribute tooltips


You are now able to see more information for both the Stats and Attributes.


This will allow you to see additional stats which are not on your page by default.

System Updates

Team Setup & Opponent Scouting

The team setup has changed location. You can see a better overview of your teammates's skills.


The opponents scouting is also now easier to see and get more details per opponent


Variant of the Basic Play

Each opponent class now has their unique Basic Play skill:

  • Opponent Basic Skill Anchor - Pro Gamer Move
  • Opponent Basic Skill Troublemaker - Disrespect
  • Opponent Basic Skill Playmaker - Instagib
  • Opponent Basic Skill Clutch - Trickshot
  • Opponent Basic Skill Mastermind - Big Brain Time
  • Opponent Basic Skill Leader - Firin' Mah Lazer

Additional Changes

  • The tutorial guide and the caster have been seperated into two different characters with FurryKnuckles for the Tutorial and Tyl3r as the caster.
  • ESL Pro League has now been shortened to a total of 60 stages instead of 82 previously
  • Updated the unlocks schedule to match the shortened league.
  • New Skill VFX have been added
  • Even more stages are now available. Who can defeat them all and force our team to make even more?!

Balance Updates

Progression Adjustments

The idle XP gains per stage have been adjusted to allow higher stages to give more idle rewards than before

Note: This change is a first step into reducing the level gap at higher stages. This change will also make it more interesting to take some time to push past a stage blocking you than waiting to over-level it.

Class Balancing

We have reverted previous nerfs to some Dots skills which results in a buff for both the Troublemaker and Playmaker

Note: Scaling is sorted by rarity, if there is no separator the value counts for all rarities. Sorted from Common→Uncommon→Rare→Epic→Legendary


PlaymakerDefining2 Spray and Pray PlaymakerDefining2

  • Damage Scaling: 0.15/0.165/0.18/0.195/0.21 → 0.2/0.22/0.24/0.26/0.28

PlaymakerPassiveSynergy2 Killstreak PlaymakerPassiveSynergy2

  • Damage Scaling: 0.35/0.385/0.42/0.455/0.49 → 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.7

PlaymakerPassiveSynergy3 Tryhard PlaymakerPassiveSynergy3

Now consumes all active DMG UP stacks and adds a shield per consumed stacks


TroublemakerBasic Troll the Newb TroublemakerBasic

  • Initiative: 9 → 11
  • Damage Scaling: 0.35/0.385/0.42/0.455/0.49 → 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.7

TroublemakerDefining2 FF Pls TroublemakerDefining2

  • Initiative: 10 → 12
  • Damage Scaling: 0.3/0.33/0.36/0.39/0.42 → 0.5/0.55/0.6/0.65/0.7

TroublemakerPassiveSynergy1 Tipping the Enemy TroublemakerPassiveSynergy1

  • Initiative: 10 → 9
  • Damage Scaling: 0.2/0.22/0.24/0.26/0.28 → 0.3/0.33/0.36/0.39/0.42

Team Skills

TeamSkill2 Not. Even. Close. TeamSkill2

  • Number of hits per inactive member: 1 → 2

Opponents Skills

All the Opponents basic skills have been tuned up. They no longer hit like wet noodles.

Reminder: All the skill icons are still placeholders and are not final ones.

Known Bugs

  • Audio Issue on iOS devices: any background sound played will be interrupted whenever the app is active We will have a hotfix going live sometime next week to correct this
  • Game currently unplayable on Shift Phone
  • Status effect stacking skills don't always calculate stacks correctly
  • When close to the maximum Skill inventory limit, the game will no longer drops skills
  • PlaymakerPassiveSynergy2 Killstreak PlaymakerPassiveSynergy2 doesn't reset the number of ticks properly after jumping to a new target
  • If you are having difficulties getting in to the game, please uninstall the game and reinstall it, this should fix the issue.

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